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Why empower workforce learning

September 2, 2022

Reinventing and revitalizing a company culture is one of the biggest priorities for business leaders in today’s rapidly evolving climate, in which the requirement to engage and retain talent is fiercer than ever. A learning culture, in particular, is key to improving the employee experience and moving your business forward, because it can drive skill development, agility, responsiveness, and revenue — all items on the CEO’s agenda. 

That’s what the workforce upskilling platform Degreed points out in the late report “How the workforce learns”. The study found that a positive learning culture leads people to perform more skillfully, teams to be more agile, departments to adapt more rapidly and businesses to grow faster.

According to the report, workers who rate their company learnings cultures as positive are:

  • 199% more likely to receive a promotion
  • 235% more likely to move to new functions within their companies
  • 76% more likely to say their companies responded well to the pandemic
  • 166% more likely to say their companies grew revenue faster than competitors

“Too many learning and development teams think of learning culture as offering formal training, creating content, and measuring completions. But this dated way of operating is holding companies back from innovation and agility. The world of work is changing quickly, and L&D teams can’t be expected to stay on the cutting edge of every discipline”, say the authors.

Britt Andreatta, PhD, an accomplished author, consultant, and coach, compiled for Linkedin a few tips on how to create a learning culture. Check some of them out:

Honor the Ever-Present Nature of Learning

“Don’t treat learning as an event to be scheduled. It’s an unbounded resource because it’s in our very DNA to be lifelong learners. Cultivate potential to boost performance.”

Value Learning as a Path to Mastery

“Make it safe to take risk—and to make mistakes. Celebrate “Aha!” moments as much as easy wins. Encourage risk taking and failure. Understand that the cost of not encouraging failure is a shortage of innovation.”

Make Learning Easily Accessible

“Empower employees to find their own answers. Neuroscientists say that people retain this type of learning far longer than just being told what to do. On-demand instruction lets learners find their own answers right then they need them.”

Evaluate Performance Based on Learning

“Measure learning along with performance to boost both. Reward growth and improvement. Recognize learning hunger and commitment as a way to boost performance and productivity.”

Source: Degreed | Linkedin