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4-day working week in Brazil: first results

May 6, 2024

Following the example of the United Kingdom, Portugal, the United States, Canada, Switzerland and South Africa, among others, Brazil was the first country in South America to join the 4-day working week experiment. The pilot began in January 2024 and runs until the end of June for most companies. The first results collected up to April are encouraging:

  • 61.5% of respondents reported an improvement in project execution; 
  • 44.4% improved ability to meet deadlines; 
  • 58.5% improvement in creativity and innovation; 
  • and 33.3% improved ability to attract clients.

Among the participating organizations, 60.2% decided to take Friday off, 22.1% took Monday off and 12.2% took Wednesday off. The survey by 4 Day Week Brazil, Reconnect Happiness at Work & Human Sustainability and FGV-Eaesp also reveals a 62.7% reduction in workplace stress. What’s more, almost 30% of respondents wouldn’t change jobs to work 5 days for any amount of money.

According to the report, there have been significant improvements in communication between sectors and a noticeable change in the objectivity of meetings. A notable increase in productivity and project delivery capacity was observed, reflecting positively on the company’s overall performance.

However, some challenges were identified, especially concerning the management of deadlines and the balance between internal and external demands, highlighting external demands, highlighting areas that require additional attention. Some employees faced initial difficulties in adapting to the new working model, although most managed to optimize their tasks over time.

The pilot will last six months when a new report with conclusions will be produced. One year after the end, new data will be collected.

Source: 4 Day Week Brasil