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Boss x Leader: for an increasingly humanized management

April 27, 2022

Nobody starts a new job thinking about leaving, but, beyond the effects of the pandemic, what justifies a very high global turnover rate today? For Falconi’s partner, a leading management consulting firm in Brazil, many times the responsibility is born in the leadership of a certain sector, which was not able to build a safe and healthy environment for the employee.

“One of the great current changes is the humanization of leaders. Until recently, leaders were primarily good managers. And it’s important to be a good manager, of course. It’s fundamental. The manager plans, trains, controls, acts. The manager takes care of the tasks. But what about the leader? The leader takes care of the people, the ones who will perform all these tasks”, defends André Jeha.

Graduated in Business Administration and a specialist in Corporate Finances, he has been a consultant since 2002 and has worked as project leader in companies in diverse sectors both in Brazil and abroad. According to Jeha, one of the main differences is that the manager or regular boss is concerned with ‘what’, while the leader is concerned with ‘why’.

“Inspiring leaders do more than simply achieve goals, they build teams with a sense of common purpose, as well as thinking, communicating and acting in line with that purpose, while also maintaining trusting relationships with those around them,” he says. “Our position may often make us a manager, but it’s our team that will tell us if we are a leader indeed.”

According to him, not every boss or manager is a leader, but everyone can learn to be one. The executive was interviewed at BR Talks, the WIN World Newsroom series. Every two weeks, a new name shows what Brazilian leaders have to inspire and share with the world (click here to watch the full episode).