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Communication: more than an area, a leadership skill

June 15, 2022

In a world of constant change, companies and people need to keep up with the latest developments — not always the easiest of tasks, it is true. For almost 20 years in the same organization, the Head of Communication and Organizational Culture at Oi, Manoela Osorio, already says: there is no formula.

“I think that embracing change is not a natural thing for anyone. In general, people are reactive to change. And a culture that is conducive to changes is a very winning culture in today’s world.”

And how to get there if there is no magic formula? Through the daily construction of an organizational environment of trust, transparency and open dialogue. According to Manoela, this is a more propitious environment for people to understand the purpose of the change, how they can contribute, and what in fact can shift their personal, professional, and organizational lives.

And that’s exactly where consistent communication and a solid organizational culture come in.

Within the almost two decades at Oi, the most recent challenge Manoela has been facing is the change of operational model — from a telecom giant to a technology and digital solutions company. The move impacts people, jobs, perceptions of value, and the leadership chain.

“There is no formula, but there is persistence to maintain a communication process that is as strategically aligned as possible, legitimized by leadership, at the service of building the business strategy,” says Manoela. “And that is a consistency gained year after year.”

Head of Communication, Manoela Osorio teaches us that communication is not a department itself, but in the competence of the leadership.

“There are communication solutions that don’t necessarily need money and at the same time don’t need to fall into that cliché ‘coffee with the president. Having coffee is important for the president to listen to the organization, not for the organization to listen to the president. That is the point. Communication is a leadership competency. It is a skill that lies in the value of transparency and must come from the top down.”

The full conversation with Manoela Osorio you can watch (or listen to) on BR Talks, the WIN World Newsroom interview series. Every two weeks, a new name shows what Brazilian leaders have to inspire and share with the world (click here for the complete episode).