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Companies urgently need to adopt a people-first mentality

April 5, 2022

To stay ahead of the competition for talent, companies — now more than ever — have to adopt a people-first mentality. That’s the main conclusion of the new report from Randstad Workmonitor. With economic recovery and changes in working conditions, talented professionals are seeking alternatives that meet their needs. The survey shows that the Great Resignation that began last year hasn’t slowed.

“That is sort of a change today: Employees are more prepared to attach consequences to their unhappiness or not getting what they want,” said Sander van ‘t Noordende, Randstad’s CEO and Chair of the Executive Board, to Bloomberg. “They’re prepared to quit their job if they’re not happy.”  

Among respondents in Randstad’s survey, one-third said they left a job because it didn’t fit their personal life. More than half of respondents from the Millennial or Z generations said they would leave a job that prevented them from enjoying life, compared to just over a third of respondents who identify as Baby Boomers.

Although 83% of respondents said that flexible hours are important and 71% said the same for their workplace, most feel they have no choice about where they work. Two out of five study participants say they do not control their schedules.

“There’s a clear power shift under way, as people rethink priorities. Businesses need to rethink their approach to attracting and retaining staff, or face serious competition”, said van ‘t Noordende.


Source: Randstad