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Creating School-Companies: where all are learners

June 1, 2022

Spending more than 20 years in the same company. Does it sound boring or adventurous to you? Well, you should know that for Agatha Arêas, currently VP of Learning Experience at Rock in Rio, there was not even a dull moment. “Learning and unquietness move me. The secret is to always try new things,” she said in episode #7 of BR Talks. “Without unquietness, there is no curiosity, no trying, no discoveries,” she continued.

Agatha was Marketing Director of one of the biggest festivals in the world from 2003 to 2019. An absolutely consolidated and very prestigious position. But a “long-life learner”, as she names herself, wouldn’t think twice about taking on a new area, super aligned with her personal and business vision.

Four years earlier, in 2015, the Rock in Rio Academy was born, an executive training program to share knowledge and encourage leaders and teams to never stagnate or plaster creativity. “If the world is a school, it’s obvious that a company is too. It must be so,” Agatha believes.

Today, leading the Learning Experience Unit — an arm of Rock in Rio that brings entertainment and education together — “edutainment” — Agatha encourages all brands to share teachings and learning. “It could be something very inherent to your industry, or it could also be opening a space to bring in other voices aligned with your purpose. I encourage companies to promote many meetings with various stakeholders to reach the customer and deliver more value. Follow the path of always uplifting content.”

For this, the executive carries the philosophy of where she works: dream and make it happen: “Of course it’s not just dreaming, but also don’t fall into the trap of just making it happen on autopilot. Make a compass of waiting, breathe, and align your vision. Along the way, we can change routes several times, as long as we have a very clear vision of where to go. And that vision will be grounded in truth if it is aligned with your purpose.”

The full conversation with Agatha Arêas you can watch (or listen to) on BR Talks, the WIN World Newsroom interview series. Every two weeks, a new name shows what Brazilian leaders have to inspire and share with the world (click here for the complete episode).