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Employees prefer hybrid and home office. What about leaders?

May 5, 2022

The return to the offices with the pandemic cooling down has raised some discussions about the best work model. A new study, conducted by PwC Brazil and PageGroup with 289 executives and 633 employees, shows some divergence in preferences between C-Level professionals and other employees.

According to the study, 67% of the interviewed workers prefer the full home office regime or the hybrid regime with one or two visits to the office during the week. Among the leaders, 58% show the same preference.

Employees who would like to go to the office three or more times or prefer a totally face-to-face regime are 23%. Among leaders, the rate rises to 35%.

The study found that employees want to have a renewed experience, more participative and with face-to-face interactions. But, at the same time, they don’t want to lose the flexibility they have gained and that, in their view, has helped boost their productivity.

Executives, on the other hand, although they recognize the productivity gains of remote work, are more cautious about changes in terms of flexibility. Possibly they are concerned about the consequences of the new arrangements on organizational culture, workforce well-being, and long-term talent retention, as well as the impacts the changes may have on their ability to sustain productivity rates and innovation momentum.

“Leaders now cannot remain oblivious to people’s needs, or else they will lose some of their best talent. It’s time to exercise the ability to learn and adapt again and rebuild ourselves in this transformation process. Two years ago, we started working with fully remote teams and everyone showed great adaptability and resilience”, said Tatiana Fernandes, partner and Human Capital Leader at PwC Brazil.

Source: PwC