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Employers and employees are heading for a relationship reset

January 3, 2024

What changes have managers made in their organizations in 2023? According to recent Gallup’s data, 64% said employees were given additional job responsibilities; 51% cited the restructuring of teams; and 42% reported budget cuts. Moreover, other Gallup’s research indicates that how employees are managed has about four times as much influence on employee engagement and wellbeing as their work location.

In other words, according to Ben Wigert, Director of Research and Strategy, Workplace Management, “to win in 2024, leaders should consider re-tooling their management strategies to better support the changing needs of their workforce and organizational culture.”

Based on its major studies over the last year, Gallup has drawn up a list of key trends for leaders to watch out for in their own organizations:

  1. Global worker stress remains at a record high
  2. Engagement is slowly recovering, with some areas for improvement
  3. Leaders are restoring trust yet have much room for improvement
  4. Managers are getting squeezed
  5. Organizations need a long-term hybrid work strategy
  6. Hybrid culture can be great — if done right

Gallup research shows that many managers now have more work to do on a tighter budget with new teams. And from a relationship standpoint, they often find themselves caught between aligning with new directives from leaders and meeting the changing expectations of their employees.

Essentially, it’s the relationships workers have — with their coworkers, managers, leaders and organization — that are significantly evolving. Many organizations are radically retooling the ways they do business, leaving many employees, including managers, stressed and disconnected,” Ben Wigert sums up.

Source: Gallup