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Flexible work is essential to attracting talent

April 26, 2023

In job interviews, the working model is one of the first and main questions asked by candidates. After the pandemic, flexibility to work from home or anywhere else became a priority, and many candidates do not participate in processes when the vacancies are 100% on-site. 

According to the latest Robert Half Confidence Index, 71% of recruiters think flexibility is a key factor in attracting and retaining talent – and 71% of employees agree. Among the unemployed, 23% would accept only as a last resort a job offer that did not offer the possibility of working partially remotely.

The main choice 

Hybrid work is the preference of 69% of professionals35% would like to have the amount of face-to-face and remote days pre-defined and 34% want the flexibility to decide. Only 21% prefer the fully remote working model, and only 10% want fully face-to-face work.

And now?

The 22nd edition of the survey, which heard more than a thousand professionals, including recruiters, and qualified and unemployed employees, also shows that companies are aware of the outcome, and seeking to adapt to the needs of candidates and employees. The hybrid model will be adopted this year by 57% of the interviewed companies; 32% will still be 100% face-to-face, and only 5% of firms will adopt the home office.

Source: Robert Half | Forbes