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Future of Work: trends that will shape careers in 2023

January 2, 2023

More diverse offices, a new form of collaboration between people and technology, flexibility to work and live well simultaneously and the much desired four-day week. These are changes that are already appearing and gaining ground in public and private discussions — and filling our sections here in the WIN World Newsroom.

Forbes magazine listened to experts and compiled a list of trends expected to influence how we work in 2023 and beyond. We couldn’t agree more. What about you?

2023: the future of work is now

  • Career is no longer linear

“The old concept of career linearity has changed with digital acceleration. With this idea, even the presentation of the resume has changed – and employers value narratives in the presentation, with experiences, purpose, successes and failures.”

  • Technology will need human skills – and a new mindset

“Benefits will be key to attracting talent – and flexible work, whether in terms of place or hours, is at the top of them, surveys indicate. Employees also tend to value health care, whether physical or mental.”

  • Multigenerational offices are already a reality

“Workplaces in 2023 will be more diverse than ever in terms of age. A survey conducted by consultancy Ernst & Young with the Maturi platform showed that the group over 50 years old already represents 26% of the population. The forecast is that by 2040, 57% of the workforce in the country will be over 45.”

Other trends:

  • A generation of professionals that doesn’t want to climb the career ladder
  • Flexibility brings happiness, engagement and reduces turnover 
  • The debate around employee monitoring is growing 
  • Four-day week gains momentum around the world
  • The metaverse experience is here to stay
  • Workspaces with a leisure face
  • Salary transparency gains space
  •  Communities rise inside the companies
  • Benefits will be key in attracting talent

Source: Forbes