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Internal recruitment gets more transparency

June 12, 2023

A recent survey conducted by the Brazilian consulting firm Produtive reveals that 62.6% of employees realize that their company is open to dialogs about internal movements, and 78.4% are aware of the internal recruitment processes. According to the study, organizations are showing themselves to be more open to the idea of increasing engagement and finding spaces for the new career interests that arise with each new cycle of employees and the business.

However, despite the data indicating good transparency, the survey also shows that 47.8% of employees still do not feel encouraged by their managers, while 93.3% of them consider it important to have frequent dialogues about careers

“The leader’s openness to reading the expectations, yearnings, and interests of employees is essential for building a portfolio of career experiences,” says Rafael Souto, CEO of Produtive. In an interview to Valor Econômico newspaper, the executive said that the movement toward greater career protagonism by employees is evident, however, managers and HRs must be the facilitators of this attitude. 

See below some recommendations from Produtive for employees to increase the chances of moving inside a company:

  1. Explore and know the personal and career development tools that the organization offers.
  2. Identify your objectives and goals through self-knowledge processes.
  3. Develop the 4Cs of adaptability: Consideration, Curiosity, Confidence and Control. Having high adaptability is essential to deal with changes at work. It means considering what lies ahead, being open to new knowledge about yourself and about opportunities, having a sense that you are responsible for the development of your career, and being willing to face obstacles as they arise.
  4. Be aware of internal opportunities and create spaces for conversation with your leadership.
  5. Ask your manager for feedback on your performance and on career development opportunities.

Source: Produtive