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Is leadership always prepared for cultural transformations?

January 26, 2023

The research “Culture at the service of business strategy”, conducted by the consultant specialized in cultural change in companies Olivia, reveals: not always. According to the survey, 37% of managers do not feel prepared for the change, and 3% feel unprepared. Data were collected from companies in nine Brazilian states and in five countries. Leaders and managers make up 66% of the interviewed sample.

Among the biggest challenges, team engagement is number one among 16% of the sample, followed by agility and adaptability (14%) and communication (13%). The data also revealed that, regarding the alignment of the leadership speech in relation to the changes, 54% consider themselves aligned, while 16% are very aligned, 25% poorly aligned, and 5% misaligned. 

“The leadership has a fundamental role in the alignment towards cultural change because daily contact represents the tangibility of everything that may be written or spoken. Nothing will work out if the leadership doesn’t assume their role as agents of change and are not the main examples of this transformation,” predicts Reynaldo Naves, partner and Managing Partner of Olivia Brasil.

Olivia’s study also shows which are the major transformations recently suffered by companies, regarding new business strategies:

  • Innovation processes (27%)
  • People management processes (25%)
  • Internal and external communication processes (13%)
  • Financial processes (12%) 

Another important data that the survey revealed is that, for these transformations to work well, it is necessary to change behaviors to leverage the business strategy, such as: 

  • Engage people (19%)
  • Develop people (11%)
  • Innovate and listen to different points of view (7%)
  • Recognize people (6%)

Source: Olivia Global