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New Year’s wishes at work: inspiring leaders

December 23, 2021

Over the next five years, the most desirable qualities of employees will be learning ability, flexibility, good communication, and balance. For the leaders, workers expect them to be integrators, to talk and listen to their teams, to have the sensitivity to understand people, to work alongside them – and, in addition, to be inspiring.

That is the result of recent research on the expectations of 3,200 professionals from 10 countries about the future of work. 

“Professionals are going through a challenging time, mainly because of the pandemic. Leaders must be sensitive, have the ability to perceive what is happening with the team or individuals and must know how to deal with these situations”, says Leylah Macluf, director of talent and transformation at NTT Data in Latin America. 

52% of respondents believe it will be important to constantly learn. Half, 50%, bet that adaptability will also be key. 44% believe that having a communicative profile and knowing how to interact, express and relate will be a differential. Another important piece of data points out that 31% highlighted emotional intelligence as a relevant factor for the future, that is, understanding what conflicts might exist and knowing how to deal with them in different situations.

About the profile of a prominent professional five years from now, 81% of respondents answered that professionals with creativity and analytical skills will have a high degree of importance for companies in the future. 84% also believe that professionals who have a vision of innovation, manage to go beyond the obvious, have an open mind, will have a high degree of success.

In addition, 71% say that analytical skills and critical sense will be important characteristics, and 60% emphasize that understanding the importance of diversity as a driver of innovation needs to be part of the skills of successful professionals.


Source: Insights for the future