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The CEO’s greatest challenges for the coming year

December 30, 2022

In addition to being a top external disruptor, inflation also continues to be named as one of the biggest challenges CEOs are facing today despite the recognition that inflation will likely decrease in the coming year. Talent, uncertainty, and the economy also top the list of CEOs’ greatest challenges today. Macro challenges, such as the global economy and geopolitical instability also garnered several mentions, as did issues closer to home, such as polarized views among employees. 

These are the findings of the Fall 2022 Fortune/Deloitte CEO Survey, which heard from 121 CEOs about their perspectives and predictions regarding growth, the economy, the evolving talent landscape, the importance of trust in building employee and customer relationships, and artificial intelligence.

The comments on top challenges suggest that CEOs are balancing how to maintain focus on both long-term and short-term priorities, as well as how to keep their people positive and engaged during uncertain times. “Keeping employees engaged and committed,” shared one. Another said they were, “Resisting the urge to tap the breaks on hiring, investing, M&A, and growth initiatives due to over coverage of global and U.S. financial gloom and doom.”

“How these CEOs are managing to keep positive despite the never-ending headwinds and unwelcome surprises, likely has a lot to do with their ability to articulate a vision of success for their organization that is energizing for their stakeholders while fitting within the current economic and business environment.”, the report says. “For CEOs, that means they need to continually reshape and redefine expectations and the definition of success.”

The survey findings suggest that today’s CEOs are constantly revisiting, rethinking, and reshaping many of the key levers that define their organization, such as talent, workplace, and technology models, as well as growth expectations. In so doing, they are not only managing their organization but also providing an element of safety and stability and a path forward for their people.

Source: 2022 CEO Priorities Survey