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The HR trends changing the universe of work

October 18, 2022

The employee’s experience in the company is a topic on the rise for human resources leaders. The most recent survey by global HR consultancy Randstad found that 84% of leaders are determined to build strategies that improve the experience and perception of employees about their jobs. The 2022 Talent Trends research survey of more than 900 C-suite and human capital leaders at international and regional organizations, across 18 markets.

One of the points to getting there is to offer flexibility. According to the study, 86% of HR leaders consider flexibility as a fundamental factor when it comes to attracting, engaging, and retaining talent.

The teams’ qualification is another highlighted topic. However, speech and practice seem to be misaligned on this. While 75% of the leaders interviewed say that training is an effective alternative to combat the shortage of qualified professionals, only 29% of respondents are actually investing in the professional development of their employees.

Here are the top 10 HR trends that are driving the world of work:

  1. Put your people and their needs at the center of your business strategy
  2. Passionately protect diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging
  3. Integrate market and workforce data for an intelligent advantage
  4. Obsess over your talent experience to create a game-changing employer brand
  5. Inspire creativity and purpose in the age of hybrid working
  6. Create a culture of empathy with authentic human connections
  7. Refocus recruiting on human potential
  8. Ramp up your own talent marketplace to boost internal mobility
  9. Shift “build, buy or borrow” strategies for the digital economy
  10. Drive HR technology innovation to create people, culture and productivity accelerators

Source: 2022 global Talent Trends