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Willingness to change jobs grows among young Brazilians

November 28, 2022

The desire to change jobs has been growing among Brazilians, especially considering young people, according to a McKinsey & Company survey, published by Valor. The study carried out with 3 thousand professionals shows that almost one-third of the respondents stated that they would consider leaving in the next three to six months. Among young people, the percentage is 32%

The study, applied between July and August, analyzes the reasons that lead to this discontent, called “great attrition”, which refers to “great resignation” – in the United States, 19 million workers left their jobs since April 202, in a movement in search of more meaning and satisfaction and not necessarily because they received a better job offer.

The research indicates that in the post-pandemic this search is gaining strength also in Brazil: 27% of those surveyed desire to change jobs within three to six months. According to the authors, the materialization of this migration of Brazilian professionals can bring an impact of up to 15% in the companies’ results. 

According to the survey, some sectors are more susceptible to this stampede of professionals, such as education and professional services (35%), followed by energy and materials (32%), advanced industries, consumer goods and retail (30%).

Ahead in this movement for a different work horizon in Brazil are the young people, who present a “level of attrition” 40% above the other respondents. And the higher their position, the greater their desire to leave. For half of all those surveyed, the biggest reason for wanting to go is the lack of career development and progression (52%), followed by inadequate total remuneration (50%). 

The study emphasizes that companies have to think about offering a development plan for people in general, perhaps not as rigid and static as in the past, when companies were more hierarchical, but with more flexibility, allowing lateral or even vertical mobility.

Source: Valor Econômico